The Experiential Psychotherapy Project (EPP)

EPP is a community of focusing-oriented relational psychotherapists dedicated to learning, teaching and exploring experiential approaches to therapy. Creative dialogue and the cultivation of the individual uniqueness of each practitioner is at the heart of our project. Our integrative approaches interweave the personal and professional, the didactic and experiential. Our classes, workshops and events are designed to foster intellectual curiosity, clinical skills and supportive collegial connectedness.

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EPP Events and Classes

Fundamentals Of Focusing-Oriented Relational Psychotherapy
With Charlotte Howorth, Ruth Havazelet and the EPP Faculty

This introductory course explores three interwoven dimensions of the therapist's participation In facilitating therapeutic process: being, thinking and doing. Each four week module takes up one of these dimensions. Our emphasis is on bringing together the embodied introspection of focusing and the vitalizing generativity of therapeutic relating. The integration of the theoretical and the experiential, the professional and the personal is pursued through the co creation of lively group discussion and various contemplative experiences, videos and demonstrations.

New class starting Fall 2015
Fee:  $60 per class

For more information, contact Charlotte Howorth ( or Rutie Havazelet (

Taught by the Epp Faculty

This weekly program is for psycho-therapists and psychoanalysts who are already familiar with Focusing.

Areas of Study

  • Implicit Intricacy – A New Look at Focusing
  • The Focusing Attitude and Being Guided by the Felt Sense
  • Experiential Responding – Deepening the Therapeutic Process
  • The New Us: The Felt Sense of the Relational Field and Carrying the Relationship Forward
  • Micro-Movements of Focusing and Relationality
  • Ruptures, Enactments and Impasses: When the Therapy Relationship is in Trouble

Starting this fall. Time and Day TBD.


Free Friday Forum is a monthly stimulating and supportive peer group supervision session that offers:

  • A safe environment to bring any concerns you have as a therapist, both working with clients, and any other professional issues.
  • Focusing-oriented supervision, which draws on many tools and variations, and is in itself an ongoing experimental process.
  • The freedom to come whenever it is possible. No commitment to a set number of sessions is necessary.
  • The freedom to prepare something in advance, or to be spontaneous when you arrive.

All meetings are at Lynn Preston's loft, 100 West Houston Street, Buzzer #3.
Fridays from 11AM to 12:30 PM.

Fee:  $0

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