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How Focusing Can Help Us Carry Relationships Forward: Focusing as a Relational Skill (NYC Event)

Focusing not only brings us into connection with ourselves and others, it also opens a vast but subtle dimension of empathy and understanding for the "Us," the unique interconnected living organism of relatedness that we are. In this workshop we will explore how we can sense into our relationships as well as ourselves and the other. We will show how giving voice to all three dimensions (the "I", the "you" and the "us") can carry relationships forward.

We will experiment with focusing relational skills such as:

  • Creating a judgment-free zone
  • Developing curiosity
  • Expressive relating
  • Carrying our reactions forward before responding
  • Getting the deeper point
  • A workshop fundraiser for Focusing Initiatives International

$50 - $75 suggested donation. 
For additional information contact: or 845-304-5616 

Hosted by Lynn Preston and Charlotte Howorth — Download Flyer