Thursday Lunchtime Reading Seminar

Within a vibrant, warm, exploratory atmosphere, we discuss current relational and self psychological papers, as well as recent Focusing-oriented articles. Our discussions include case examples and role-play, as well as relevant issues from our work and lives. The group ambiance is open, spontaneous and personal—an environment in which lively  dialogue can flourish. We want to harness not only the thinking and wisdom of the authors we are exploring, but the unique contributions of each group member in order to bring our work alive.

Thursday, 11:45am-1:15pm
Fee: $60

Carrying our Work foward

This ongoing bi-weekly seminar is an opportunity for therapists to focus on the passions and interests that motivate our work. The group will help members to develop their own particular professional expression (workshops, teaching, supervision, presentations, writing). Through focusing, experiential processes and discussion, we will develop the creativity and expertise of each clinician. 

Download PDF here.

Every other Monday (Started October 19, 2015).
Fee: $60