THERAPY MATTERS: A Workshop Series With Lynn Preston

In this once-a-month series, we delve into pivotal dimensions of generative therapeutic process. These workshops are an interweaving of theoretical exploration and experiential demonstrations. They are designed to be accessible and challenging to both beginning and seasoned clinicians. 

Fee: $40 Email: for more information.

Past Workshops

June 28, 2016: Carrying Relationships Forward
February 7, 2015: "The New Us" By Lynn Preston And Ellen Shumsky
November 28, 2014: The Inner Is The Between
November 19, 2014: Creating A Judgment-Free Zone
October 1, 2014: Evocative Listening: Listening To Life
July 16, 2014: Doing Psychotherapy As A Spiritual Practice
April 30, 2014: Working With Conflict In Psychotherapy
March 19, 2014: The New Us - Part II
February 26, 2014: The New Us
January 29, 2014: New Beginnings
November 20, 2013: Carrying Forward
September 25, 2013: We Are Interaction
June 26, 2013: Talking About You And Me
May 29, 2013: It Is Me Babe"
April 24, 2013: Improvisation
February 20, 2013: "We Are Forward Movement"
January 16, 2013: "Crucial Therapeutic Conversation"
November 28, 2012: The Inner Is The Between
October 24, 2012: Evocative Listening And Responding

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